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Uniformed Seurity Officers

Excelsior Patrol & Security, Inc. provides highly trained security officer’s who conduct residential patrolling, gated community protective services, and community access control, to assist in the prevention, deterrence and detection of any theft, vandalism or safety related incidents near your property. Excelsior Patrol & Security, Inc. can provides security for home or business in uniform or undercover. While on duty if our well trained security officers observe evidence of crime, they would immediately notify local law enforcement and provides a perfect description of the subject.


No matter how many CCTV cameras, card access system, and vehicle gates and barriers a company may utilize, it is a lack of a qualified, well trained individual that has always been the fatal flow in a security program. A person flipping hamburgers at a fast food restaurant make more money per hour, and receives better benefits than the individual responsible for the use of highly sophisticated security equipment. It is little wonder where there is never ending stream of news reports regarding breaches in security at our airports, industrial plants, public utilities, etc…A well-trained, professionally attired, security officer is a key component in any well trained and executed security program. The security officer should always be the focal point of any comprehensive plan that provides for the protection of a company’s assets. Even with all the technology in the world, without a person that can operate a  monitor, maintain, and make sound judgments based on available information, our society and your company will not be secured.

Retail Security & Experiencing Security Breach

Are you losing inventory or cash in your business? Do you suspect internal theft from employees? We have bilingual, undercover officers and private investigators that specialize in lost prevention / retail theft. Our officers and private investigators will work undercover in the suspected workplace in efforts to uncover employee theft, unlawful activity, alcohol / drug use, or any other type of noncompliance. Hidden video may also be obtained of all activities. This useful to determine your employees work performance or detect any unlawful activity. Hidden surveillance cameras may also be installed in the suspected workplace areas. All of our undercover security is trained in all legal  aspects.   


Workplace Violence & Labor Disputes

Excelsior Patrol & security, Inc. is knowledgeable in preparing a security strategy prior to a strike occurring at your work place. Excelsior Patrol & Security officers are experienced in both the development and execution of strike contingency plans, while currently safeguarding individual’s property, and keeping your company doors open allowing  you to meet your day to day critical business objectives. Our security officers are trained in labor dispute, as well as crowd control tactics, and are experienced in effectively diffusing any hostile situations in your work environment. Excelsior Patrol & Security, Inc. also provides professional protection and planning throughout high-risk employee terminations and potentially violent work place situations.

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